July 2010: 3 students from Technoplanet Lab, Adeel Kidwai, Rajeev Bhatia and Tushar Chugh were selected as an Embedded Development Finalist and have attended the Imagine Cup 2010 Worldwide Finals in Warsaw, Poland. These students under the guidance of Prof M.S.Giri developed an automated ground vehicle called ‘WiziTank’ which can be useful in hazardous and life-threatening environments, like Low-Intensity Conflict / Explosive Ordinance Disposal program and Homeland Security.

Cdr M.S. Giri who guided the students during this project said, “We think in today’s world, technology not only affects businesses but also changes the way the world looks at it. It surely affects the masses, and makes this world a better place to live in and that is why we need to develop and utilize technology for solving the issues bothering the society and the world.”

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