“We believe in nurturing innovative mindset, celebrating innovation is important. TechXplore can be a catalyst in inspiring and developing a community of young innovators” – Mohit Bahl

The annual competition is organized by Technoplanet for its students which aim towards enhancing skills by prototyping. The competition is broadly divided in two ,

 TechXplore Junior – The students of class 1st to 5th are provided lego kits according to their respective levels, using which they have to build some defined structure like swings. Few of the other activities include snapper circuit, bee-bot.

 TechXplore– The students of class 6th to 10th had to make and present projects on either of the three main concept of IOT(Internet Of Things), Arduino and Rapid Prototyping .The projects had to reflect learning in lab and added experiment was also welcomed by judges.

The theme of TechXplore 2018 was selected to imbibe sensitivity and provide solutions towards problems identified to be solved by government like that of cleanliness under #SwachhBharat. The students also made posters for same.

Technoplanet congratulates winners. For who didn’t  win, learn no scientists in history got successful in first attempt before giving  anything big to world hence exploration , try and faith in self shall not dim. We still will to know more of your ideas and exploration explorer.

We extend warm indebtedness to  parents for being support to their wards and appreciating our initiatives.

 Checkout some of the winning projects of 2018 competition on our Facebook page- https://www.facebook.com/technoplanetlab/

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Competed Boing National Aeromodelling Championship, IIT Kanpur
Winning Gliders Design Challenge

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