October 2014: Microsoft Student Partners and Microsoft Student Associates organised a webinar session of Women in Tech initiative by Microsoft. This event aimed at empowering the girls with the knowledge that would help them to explore technology and how they could leverage it to have more promising careers in technology. 12 MSAs and MSPs have been selected from TechnoPlanet Labs. And they worked together for this initiative.
The talk today was phenomenal. How technology has changed the world in the past 2 decades , is indeed incredible! It also talked about explosion of social and mobile technology. More than 6.8 billion people today are connected via mobile. This level of growth is influential. And this is to grow more, in the coming future.This is also the age of cloud computing. The mass is shifting to cloud computing and The cloud computing services market is currently valued USD $79.60 Billion.
Thus this is the right time, when we all girls should join in and leverage technology for more promising careers ahead

Its a great initiative by Microsoft to bring in more women into the patriarchal tech world. It was honorable for us as MSAs and MSPs to be a part of this initiative.

Technology is the future   be a part of the change. We welcome you girls to come and join us in this initiative.

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