October 2014: After the successful implementation of our first workshop on App Development , we organised the second , which turned out to be a huge success. This time TechYuva held 2 workshops simultaneously. It was a 2 Day workshop organised on October 31, 2014 and November 1,2014 One focused on App development and the other on Game Development. And both were completely code free. Students of all background be it Mechanical, Electrical, CS or IT came, participated and enjoyed. Code Free development was stressed because apps need ideas – not coding! The students were all amateurs, and we made sure that don’t go back as amateurs. Talking in numbers, more than 6 apps and 4 games were covered in 2 days. And these apps and games were made by students on their own. The young developers were all beginners and this was a great pace at which they developed apps and games.

All the young and innovative minds under one roof created a great environment.
Give wings to your dream. Don’t let your inquisitions stop by anything, because hunger for more brings miracle. Ideas have the power to change the world. Team TechYuva is trying to bridge the gap between what is being taught and what the market needs.
Celebrating Games,
Celebrating Apps,
Celebrating No- Coding Development!

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