Technoplanet spent a windfalling 2017. Family grew, existence expanded, healthy connections sustained, headquater built and we are thankful for everything.

January begun with calculation to be followed for year with winning Google Code-In contest and took a step ahead by developing  a robot. February enlisted the upcoming FLL after win at national level.

The March was a hat trick of happiness as two time IPL winner & Kolkata Knight Rider captain Gautam Ghambir visited us also shared his conviction.

The April bloomed with inauguration of bewildering TPL headquarter. International FLL participation begun with competing on global level with bests and striving recognizable position in Project presentation and robot game in U.S.A.

May embark win with Water Rocket competition at TechnoXian. Series of “Super Geek   Summer Camps” took place for students followed by “Skill Camp for teachers” in the month of June.

 Like a welcome rain July recur with FLL International ,this time in Australia where we bagged first position in Project presentation followed by second in robot game.

In eighth month, two more labs were made in Ludhiana and Noida. October was a playful time, as the robots were commanded to play “Robo Soccer” at “World Robotics Olympiad” and won Robongiers later in month. This followed with design thinking workshop where students created models of their innovative product design.

We ended year with some more in December by  organizing “Hour Of Code” where more than 3000 students competed in coding at “Computer Science Education Week”, and ended with winning Robotronics 2017

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Technoplanet students once again grabbed the great opportunity in First Lego League
Winner Robotronics 2017 Gurgaon

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