The Super Geek Summer Camp” an interesting and educational way for kids to pass out their summer holidays. Conducted by Technoplanet every year in our associated schools and centers, this skill camp always had something new in store for the advancement of our little creators. 2018 Summer Camp became a quit happening event with the continuous efforts of our STEM educators and enthusiastic participation of students.

Elaborating various scientific phenomenon, software and hardware mechanisms, students became skilled in building interactive physical systems and their working. Arduino, electronic sensors, solar gadgets, 3D printers etc surely became the best playmate of kids for the rest of the summer. From basics to developing own gadgets from provided kits every activity was an effort to never forget.

For further details on this wonderful camp and activities, please go through the links given below:

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MAKERSHALA Lab at Vega School
Toy Making Challenge at MRIS-46

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